Thursday, 2 May 2013

Whatifaphobia - fear of not enough work

This is a common condition for the newly self-emplyed as they worry that if they turn down work, any work, they they wont get asked again or they'll run out of work!
Truth is its a self distructive mindset and can lead to burn out or taking the carp jobs nobody else wants....

follow some simple rules
1) what is th current market value for your product or service?
2) what is your USP?
3) why did you go self-employed in the first place?
4) how much do you actually need?

Its not solely self-employed as I often see clients with anxiety issues around the risk of losing their job as maybe their role isn't really needed or they're not that great at it. Their self-talk says things like "If I am always seen to be busy then I'm needed" and "If I'm not busy people will think I'm lazy". the worst part is they haven't got a clear clasification for what consitutes 'busy'

heres a suggestion.... press pause for a moment and ask yourself what has bought you to this state of thinking?