Sunday, 19 May 2013

Emetophobia - Fear of vomiting

Whilst teaching an NLP course in Birmingham today we got to a discussion on phobias and how they can be dealt with. It is one of those areas the NHS seems to have trouble dealing with and so either medicates or refers for therapy. The therapy of choice seems to be CBT
One lady talked about her experience of CBT for her OCD and how helpful it had been then I suddenly remembered a story about a Emetophobia support group in Birmingham.... They had tried CBT etc and the 'therapist' in charge thought he'd try what he thought was NLP and the fast phobia cure....
If you are not sure how it works it is based on changing the emotional response by a version fo flooding in a hypnotic trance. The patient is put into a trance and asked to watch a movie of the their fear played forwards and backwards. There is a bit more detail to it than that but that's enough for my blog....
He thought "I know, I'll use the same process but as its a group session I'll go one better and actually play a movie for real!"

Here comes the best bit! Image watching a movie of someone vomiting then watching it in reverse (rewind) - sick out, sick in.... gggggrrrrrr.... wasn't well received and actually had the reverse effect. I should laugh but you cant help it can you.

If you really want help with phobias I'd recommend visiting