Saturday, 27 April 2013

buysomecrapaphobia - the carboot season is here

As the end of April approaches so the carboot season begins.....
The urge to get up early on the weekend to rush to an open field or large carpark in search of a hidden treasure in amongst somebodys old junk. Whether you're there to buy or to sell you cant deny the draw.
In France it is called Vide Grenier which translates as 'empty attic' and is a great description.
I am an addict and as I write this blog I'm looking forward to our first real opportunity of the year to get up at 7am and rush off to Studley carboot near Redditch. Do you suffer from buysomecrapaphobia - the fear that when you get home with that fantastic item and unpack it that in fact all you've done is added to the stockpile of junk you'll have to load into your car and sell at another carboot in the vain hope that some fool feels they need it as you foolishly did.
The best cure for this phobia is the technique known a 'flooding' or buying so much stuff that you emotionally and/or financially burn out and release yourself from the urges... Until then I'll see you there and hope I find that item before you