Tuesday, 30 April 2013

metathesiophobia - Fear of change

I remember reading a poster in Athena years ago which said "ships are safe in the harbour but that's not what ships are for". and more recently in a Ben's Brother track I heard the line "is it that you want me to change so you can stay the same".
Change is a natural process and the world is constant moving and changing; in fact standing still causes stagnation and we all know what that looks and smells like. The great +Gregory Bateson wrote that we can't step into the same river twice yet so many of fight change at all cost and try to hold onto something however painful it maybe. Management of Change is just that 'managing' taking charge of rather than being swept along by.
Don't fear change but embrace it with excitement. Oh the joy of learning from new possibilities

Monday, 29 April 2013

lunaediesophobia - fear of Mondays

Do you get that Monday feeling? is it nervousness or excitement? whats the difference between the two?
Hears is a fun exercise to set the frame for the day, give it a go.
1) image butting on a coat that created a whole state of being and mind set and this coat was called "Mondays fill me with dread, I dont know how badly the day will go, I have so much to do I dont know where to start and that worries me....

How does that make you experience Monday?

2) next but on this new wonder coat "WOW Monday.... I'm really curious what will happen today, it will be fun and exciting and even a challenge is a new oportunity to learn and learning is fun!!

which do you prefer?
You choose from now on

Saturday, 27 April 2013

buysomecrapaphobia - the carboot season is here

As the end of April approaches so the carboot season begins.....
The urge to get up early on the weekend to rush to an open field or large carpark in search of a hidden treasure in amongst somebodys old junk. Whether you're there to buy or to sell you cant deny the draw.
In France it is called Vide Grenier which translates as 'empty attic' and is a great description.
I am an addict and as I write this blog I'm looking forward to our first real opportunity of the year to get up at 7am and rush off to Studley carboot near Redditch. Do you suffer from buysomecrapaphobia - the fear that when you get home with that fantastic item and unpack it that in fact all you've done is added to the stockpile of junk you'll have to load into your car and sell at another carboot in the vain hope that some fool feels they need it as you foolishly did.
The best cure for this phobia is the technique known a 'flooding' or buying so much stuff that you emotionally and/or financially burn out and release yourself from the urges... Until then I'll see you there and hope I find that item before you

social phobia growing due to social media

I realise blogging on social media about effects of social isolation seems a strange thing but  +Mark Peters talked about it recently in a radio interview and the white paper on #GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) by the #NHS is poiting more and more to this as a growing problem.
face-to-face connection is losing over cyber-connection but as less than 8% of communication is actual words where does this leave us?
+Donna Blinston runs a great radio show called the NLP View where this and other subjects are discussed.
Rapport is King and rapport is built on trust. Maybe its time to make #NLP a requirement in resolving social phobias