Wednesday, 20 January 2010

is a fear of stop smoking a phobia

I took a call today from a lady who thought she should stop smoking but was scared her health would get worse plus she would get fat.
She'd tried to stop before but got more and more worried over what might happen that she just started again.... Not because she got a craving for a fag but because she got scared of what might happen.

Is this a phobia? what do you think?

Well I treated it as it presented and she's OK now and smoke FREE

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

fear of snowmen

anybody out there with a fear of snow or snowmen.....?

Monday, 4 January 2010

fear of missing an important email

Now I must admit I have suffred from this... checking constantly, pressing send/receive constantly, stopping what I'm working on because I can't let go of the thought tat I may have just missed one...
Is this OCD?
I have worked with others and treated with the fast phobia cure and cumpulsion blow-out. Both methods worked fine.
but what if you have a phobia of checking e-mails just in case they say something bad.....

scared of starting something New

New Year - New You...
You've heard all about it....
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As tai chi is a mind and body approach it will help you relax and access your right brian function

fear of going back to work

Jan 4th is here and how many of you are not keen on returning to work...?
How many of you have actually gone off sick with anxiety at the thought of going back to work?
the real problem is the negative movie we play for ourselves regarding the workplace rather than the posotive movie we could play showing our great contributions.
NLP focuses on outcomes rather than problems so what outcome would you like and how can we achive the changes necessary to get this outcome?
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