Saturday, 5 December 2009

Fear of the new year

Many people fear change and see the new year as a major change.... How many of us often say "lets see what the new year holds for us" or "I'll make a new years resolution" or "I'll be glad when this years over".
We all use time as a marker and timeline therapy is an excellent example of its application.
we can make a real difference... just ask

Fear of Christmas

I have been seeing clients with a phobia of christmas since late October and its been biulding as we get closer to the date.
Some are a fear of Santa, some a fear of christmas trees, decorations etc, some even a fear of the shopping madness.
To find this out though I had to get past the initial "I have a phobia of Christmas, can you help? Am I strange".
Some therapists have difficulty dealing withs fears quickly and seem to think it should take many many sessions. This is usually down to the fact that the fear is too generalised so slow to change. Asking meta questions and using a 'clean language' approach enables the therapist to chunk down to the main cause, change the associations and then generalise the fix.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

what is the strangest phobia you've heard of?

I've worked with people who can't go outside in the wind incase their head blows off, can't drive past speed cameras incase they drive too quickly or too slowly, can't use one brand of shampoo...
what makes a phobia real to them?
should we waste time with months of CBT type flooding or go straight for the fast phobia cure or anything else?
what do you think?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

fear of father christmas

TV tells us Christmas is here and we should be buying like mad..
But what about the people who have a phobai of christmas trees, tinsle, borbals, Argos, santa etc etc.
I've seen Paul McEnna use Benny hill music as part of his phobia cure so I tink we can use crap christmas songs... give it a go

Monday, 26 October 2009

chi-kung & tai chi help phobias and anxieties

and see if it helps

fear of my life!

is anybody out there afraid that this is all there is.... that when everything is piling in around you, that there is no end to it.
If a phobia is really a disproportionate fear of something then it fits the bill.....
dealing with lifes anxieties in this way would stop it developing into a sort of social phobia

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

fear of dentists

I had to go to the dentist today to have a tooth extracted.
I was reminded of when I sued to pass out at the thought (literally!)
a fear of dentists and a fear of needles - double wammy.
With a little self-hypnosis I have changed the imagery, sounds and smells completely. The dentists asked if I was OK as I was smiling and didn't seem bothered. I didn't like to say I had an image of her as navey on a building site signing crap songs and working away.
Worked fine....
remember a fear is built within by the fear package sensory full movie you play to yourself. Change the movie and change the experience

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

can the phobic responce be used for rehab

when working with patient rehab, it is worth considering their fear of re-occurance of their condition as a phobic responce.
If for example the fear of a COPD incident creates the anxiety that brings on the incident, how helpful is telling them not to worry and just relax. The fight or flight responce isn't selective on when it happens, inly that the event needs to seem fear/stress/anxiety producing to fire of the efects of increased heart rate, resiritory change, chemical release, change in circulation etc etc.
A healthy awareness of the condition is essential so treating as a phobic responce and using NLP/hypnosis can make all the difference

Saturday, 10 October 2009

could a phobia help with weight loss?

If a phobia of something drives us away from it, could giving somebody a phobia of chocolate actually be helpful?

How about a phobia of alcohol?

This isn't meant to be flipant, just thought provoking

is the fear of change a phobia?

Today I met someone who, as they put it, were stuck in a life they didn't want and didn't know how to change.
On the face of it you could classify this as coaching, maybe work with clean language (NLP), outcomes, goals etc etc....

When listening to them, it became apparent that it was not so much they didn't know how to change but they were in fact scared of changed..... They even knew what changes they wanted but were afraid of the outcome.. That fear drove them away from change; a sort of phobic reaction to change.

So what would you do?

Friday, 9 October 2009

phobias are not for life

why do so many people suffer on and on with their fears and phobais when they can be removed?

I wish I knew as I was one of those people....

I used to be scared of needles... I've passed out in all the best places and my wife has had to fetch me...

I felt such a fool yet I did nothing to fix it....

When I was training in hypnotherapy and NLP they asked for somebody to demonstrate on and I thought "hey, lets give it a go". Twenty minutes later I was fixed.... How mad is that?

I had alreadu been practicing trance induction so was an easy subject. When I see clients most of the session is spent explaining the concent of phobias and telling stories. To be honest it really doesn't take long but most people would be too sceptical if you just got down to it and fixed it as soon as they sat down... A little rapport building first maybe

remember a phobia does not need to be for life......

PTSD, fears and phobias can be fixed now

its nothing to you but everything to me

why should anybody feel silly for having a fear or phobia no matter how irrational it seems.

I saw a lady who wanted to throw up if she saw milk in a glass; a man who couldn't go shopping in case he saw Nivia hand cream on the shelves in the shop.

A phobia is just a disproportional fear of something and can be fixed.

Its healthy to be aware of the danger of walking off the edge of a tall building, its just not as health to be fearful of even going in one....


overcome your fears

I'm amazed by the shear number of people with fears and phobias, from spiders to colours to the most ordinary objects and activities.
I see clients for fears and phobias vertually every day and the common trait is the belief that I'll think they are strange, mad or silly.
More than this, they are amazed that I can cure a phobia within one or two sessions...!!!
THATS RIGHT... a phobia can be removed within one or two sessions...!

Remeber it doesn't take a lifetime to get a phobia so why should it take a lifetime to get rid of one.

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